About Us

"The Only Way to Predict the Future Is To Invent It"

Hi, I'm Rich Richardson. I've worked in the restaurant industry for more than 25 years. From my own experience, I know that during the peak hours (breakfast, lunch and dinner times), bussing tables quickly and keeping the floors clean increases customer satisfaction and saves them time for waiting for a prepared and clean dining area. BUS IT -N- CATCH IT, LLC. eliminates having to sweep or vacuum crumbs and debris swiped onto the floor or onto chairs. It can also be used to clean up beverage and other liquid spills. Also great for pre-bussing in fine dining establishments.

I invented the new BUS IT -N- CATCH IT, LLC. certain it will be the bus tub of the future. Please take a moment to view my short video demonstration to find out more.

BUS IT -N- CATCH IT, LLC. comes in a variety of colors and can be customized with your company logo. It can be used in all types of restaurants and food service venues, in the back & front of the house, as well as on airplanes and tour buses (instead of garbage bags), sports stadiums, amusement parks, churches great for first communion packaging (instead of garbage bags) and outdoor events.

Unique Table Bussing Tool

Clean tables with ease and eliminate the broom and sweeper with BUS IT -N- CATCH IT, LLC. Based in Katy, Texas, this U.S. patented product takes all the frustration out of bussing tables in restaurants and at home.

The bus tubs currently used in restaurants have some tough competition. The new BUS IT -N- CATCH IT will quickly be every busser's favorite tool. It is a table bus tub that is used to catch debris and food from tables left behind by guests.

Durable Construction and Easy to Carry Handle

The BUS IT -N- CATCH IT, LLC. is a single-mold plastic unit that has no moving parts or sharp edges. It is hand washable, dishwasher safe and can be easily stored or hung.