Innovative Table Busing Tool

Bussing tables can be messy and ineffective if not properly done. With the new BUS IT -N- CATCH IT, an innovative table busing tool, your bussers can clean tables effectively, quickly and easily.

The Scraper Feature

The BUS IT -N- CATCH IT busing tool features a plastic scraper at the front that enables the busser to remove stuck on messes such as hardened ketchup and syrup as well as gum stuck underneath the table (a sure fire way to help pass an audit!). It has a detachable scraper and can come in any size, any shape and any color. The scraper's edge is thin enough to lift and release stuck on food but is not sharp enough to cut skin - so it is harmless and safe to use.

The Collection Feature

The bucket portion of the BUS IT -N- CATCH IT is large and deep enough to collect cups and debris from more than one table. To avoid any spills while bussing, the unit rests directly at the table's edge with an extension that goes underneath the table. This means there will be no gaps between the table and the unit, allowing debris and liquid to simply go directly into the bucket as the table is cleaned.

The Handle Feature

There is a handle on back of the BUS IT -N- CATCH IT. The handle allows the busser to hold the unit with one hand, while cleaning the table with the other. The handle also gives the busser leverage to effectively use the scraper feature. .