People Love Bus It-N-Catch It

As one of the first testers of Bus It-N-Catch It, as a server I would say it is a very reliable product and time saver. You can easily clean up any table faster than you can with your own two hands. It is always better to work with a little help, and like they say, "Work smarter not harder". Every restaurant should invest in this product, because it is very much worth it and it gets the job done like it's supposed to.
-A.R., Server @ Denny's
I am very tired of touching dirty surfaces and because of this pandemic it is very risky to be hands on. Bus It-N-Catch It solves that problem by allowing us to clean the dirtiest of surfaces without having to lay a finger on it. It also cuts cleaning time smooth in half the result: keeping tables clean which means more business! Bus It-N-Catch It is a great product to invest in it, keeps people safe, clean, and happy.
K.V., Server @ Denny's
Bus It-N-Catch It was a great addition to Baja Cantina. It made the process of getting dirty dishes off the tables much easier and really helped speed up the process of having another table ready for the next party. The scraper that comes included is like a vacuum for the tool and makes sure to get all of the waste without even getting your hands dirty. Highly recommended for all restaurants that do large volumes.
My experience with Bust It-N-Catch It was what most people would describe as convenient. As you can see in the video I featured in, the handy scraper that can be easily attached and detached made the hardest part of cleaning tables hands free and quick with ease. I hope to see more of Bus It-N-Catch It in the future.

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